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Self-propelled howitzer "Hummel"

Self-propelled howitzer Hummel

The howitzer Hummel is a self-propelled gun carriage with a 15 cm howitzer. The first time it was used in July 1943 in the tank battle near Kursk. The chassis was taken from the Panzerkampfwagen IV. To reach a total mass of 24 tons the armoring could not be strong. The self-propelled howitzer Hummel reached a speed of 42 km/h and so it was a mobile and strong artillery weapon. The Hummel itself only could carry 18 projectiles and so other vehicles had to carry more ammunition. The Hummel was quite successful und was used everywhere in the war.

Technical data about the Self-propelled howitzer "Hummel"
Type of weapon Self-propelled gun carriage
Manufacturer Alkett
Crew 6 men
Length 7.17 m
Width 2.87 m
Height 2.81 m
Weapon one 15 cm howitzer
Total mass 23.9 t
Maximum speed 42 km/h
Engine power 221 kW
Armoring 10 mm to 50 mm

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