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MG 42

MG 42

The MG 42 was a machine gun. Its predecessor was the MG 34 which was to expensive. So the MG 42 was developed. The MG 42 used the German standard projectile with a caliber of 7,92 mm. It had got a very high fire rate and it was and is until today a very good machine gun. The Allies feared th MG 42 and they were happy when they captured one. Until today it is used by different countries, also by Germany itself, but with some changes. So the MG 42 belongs the best machine guns of all times.

Technical data about the MG 42
Type of weapon Machine gun
Manufacturer Mauser
Caliber 7.92 mm
Total mass 11.6 kg
Overall length 1.22 m
Magazine 250 projectiles
Muzzle speed 755 m/s
Fire rate 1200 Shots/min

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