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MP 40

MP 40

The Mp 40 was a submachine gun and the successor of the MP 38. The whole weapons is only made of sheet metal and none piece is made of wood. The MP 40 did not use the German 7.92 mm standard projectile, but the 9 mm Parabellum which is normally used for pistoles. The MP 40 was a cheap mass product and could only fire full automatic. It was built very often and used everywhere. The MP 40 had got a swinging in and swinging out shoulder prop. As a submachine gun the MP 40 was okay, but it had not got a strong fire power and it had not got a high aiming accuracy. The MP 40 was a very long submachine gun.

Technical data about the MP 40
Type of weapon Submachine gun
Manufacturer Geipel
Caliber 9 mm
Total mass 3.9 kg
Overall length
-with shoulder prop
-without shoulder prop

83.2 cm
63.0 cm
Magazine 32 projectiles
Muzzle speed 380 m/s
Fire rate 500 shots/min

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