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Quiz about astronomy and astrophysics

If you want test your knowledge in astronomy and astrophysics here you have got the best possibility.

1.) Who dens is a neutron star?
5,000 t/cm3
50,000 t/cm3
700,000 t/cm3
300,000.000 t/cm3

2.) Which type of galaxy is our galaxy?
a dwarf galaxy
an elliptical galaxy
a spiral galaxy
an irregulary galaxy

3.)Which distance do the light make in one year?
9,460,000,000,000 km
9,460,000,000 km
9,460,000 km
9,460 km

4.) Since how much years do the sun exist?
since 300,000 years
since 4,000,000 years
since 50,000,000 years
since 5,000,000,000 years

5.) When do heavy liek Uranium elements can be formed?
in a supernova
in the formation of a star
in a white dwarf
in a brown dwarf

6.) Which are the hotest stars?
yellow stars
red stars
blue stars
white stars

7.) How does the energy is formed which a stars emits?
throught fusion
throught nuclear fission
throught nuclear decays
throught electrons

8.) When was the Big Bang?
since 3,000,000 years
since 20,000,000 years
since 500,000,000 years
since 15,000,000,000 years

9.) Which power is the weakest of the fundamental powers?
the weak power
the gravity
the strong power
the electromagnetic power

10.) How much light-years is the Andromeda galaxy away of us?
400,000 light-years
2,200,000 light-years
30,000,000 light-years
3,000,000,000 light-years

11.) How long does red stars live?
100,000 years
10,000,000 years
1,000,000,000 years
100,000,000,000 years

12.) What is the final product of the proton proton cycle?
He-4 and two protons
He-4 and two neutrons
He-3 and two protons
He-3 and two neutrons

13.) What will our sun left when it dies?
a neutron star
a white dwarf
a black hole
a quasar

14.) Why neutron stars are pulsares?
because their size change
because their temperature change
because their atmosphere change
because they emit radio waves

15.) Why is not our sun a star of the first generation?
because it is to bright
because it is to big
because it contains heavy elements
because the proton proton cycle is too fast

You have reached of 15 points.

Author and Webmaster: Lukas Czarnecki

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Last Update: 27.08.2001