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Day 1 (15.03.2006)

On this day I had to leave home at 6 o'clock. I took the ICE from the Zoologischer Garten (railway station) to Frankfurt am Main at 7.40 o'clock. At 11.45 o'clock I arrived in Frankfurt am Main and I went a little bit sightseeing. At about 15 o'clock I was at the airport and I checked in. Shortly after 18 o'clock I boarded the airplane of Air China. It was a Boeing 747-400 (Jumbo Jet). Because I did not fly for over 10 years I was at first a little bit afraid. In the economy class there were 10 seats in every row. Because I learn Chinese I tried to speak Chinese with my seat neighbor who was a Chinese. After take-off my fear of flight diminished. After supper many people fell asleep, but I could only sleep for a few minutes.

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