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Day 2 (16.03.2006)

Sometime it was getting light outside and the passengers inside the airplane did not sleep any longer, they became active. We looked out of the windows, but we could only see clouds. I could not believe it that I am really over Asia now. The airplane landed at about 10.50 o'clock in Beijing. The flight took over 9 hours. I could not believe it that I am really in China. After I had my baggage and my passport has been controlled I searched and found the tour guide. After the other four tourists (two couples) arrived we went to the van and we drove to lunch. Except me nobody in our tourist group was able to eat with chopsticks, but restaurants in China have got also knives and forks. After lunch we drove to the Summer Palace. The Summer Palace is a very nice park which was built by Emperor Qianlong in the 18th century. We walked from the East Gate to the other end of the Summer Palace, but of course we did not see everything, because the Summer Palace is very big. We also saw the Marble Boat in the Summer Palace. After it we drove to the hotel.

Summer Palace
A Gate in the Summer Palace

Marble Boat
The Marble Boat in the Summer Palace

At about 17 o'clock we drove to an acrobatic show. The costumes of the acrobats and the requisites looked typical Chinese. The stunts were very impressive. After it we drove to the supper. After supper the program finished and we drove to the hotel. After the long travel with little sleep I was very tired and so this day ended for me.

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