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Day 8 (22.03.2006)

Today the day program was different for different tourists of our groups. First we drove to the railway station and we waited until our tour guide brought one couple from our tourist group to their train. On this day this couple drove to Suzhou. After it we drove to the bank promenade to make a ship tour through the harbor of Shanghai. On one bank side of the Huangpu River there are many European buildings from the colonial age and on the other side there is Pudong (district in Shanghai) with many skyscrapers. The 468 m high TV Tower, the Oriental Pearl Tower, in Pudong is very remarkable. We drove with a nice ship, with a typical Chinese architecture, through the harbor. There is very much traffic in the harbor of Shanghai. Despite the dense fog we saw many ships and many buildings in the harbor of Shanghai. The ship tour through the harbor took 1 hour.

Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank
The Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank

Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong
The Oriental Pearl Tower in Pudong

After this ship tour we drove to a jade factory with really nice jade carvings and good prices. We drove through some streets that look very different from the skyline of Shanghai with all the skyscrapers. These streets are rather narrow and have got small houses, but much traffic. Now we drove to the former French Concession. The buildings in the former French Concession have got a European architecture and French inscriptions. We took a walk through the pedestrian precinct of the former French Concession. After that we drove to a pharmacy with Ginseng and later we drove to lunch. The program ended on this day, because it was a program for one half of the day. The couple and me stayed in the city. First we were at the People's Park and we looked at the modern opera house near the People's Park. After that we walked north into the direction of our hotel which was a few kilometres away from the People's Park. Through this walk we could see something from the everyday life in Shanghai. We saw the center of Shanghai and also the residential areas. After we arrived in our hotel I walked myself a little bit north. In the evening I ate supper in the hotel restaurant and I met the couple who spend this day in Suzhou. Suzhou pleased them very much.

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