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Day 9 (23.03.2006)

In the morning we said goodbye to the couple who returned this day to Germany. Afterwards we drove to the railway station and we waited for our train to Hangzhou. The railway station looked quite modern. After 2 hours, at about 14 o'clock we arrived in Hangzhou. The tour guide found us immediately and we drove to lunch. From the restaurant where we ate lunch we had got a nice view over the West Lake. After lunch we drove to the West Lake and we made a ship tour on the West Lake. The West Lake has got a surface of 5.6 km2. During the ship tour we saw the Leifeng Pagoda, the Baochu Pagoda and the Brocken Bridge. In the distance we saw the modern Hangzhou. There are also some small islands with nice pavilions on the West Lake.

Leifeng Pagoda
The Leifeng Pagoda

After the ship tour on the West Lake we drove to a tea plantation. One of the best teas in China comes from Hangzhou - the Dragon's Well Tea. After that we drove to the Linyinsi Temple. It is a temple with many Buddhist figures. This temple was founded in 328. Most figures are carved into the rocks and it looks very interesting. A few caves and a small river also belong to this temple. We were to late to visit the halls. After visiting the Lingyinsi we drove to supper and after that to our hotel and the day ended.

Lingyinsi Temple
The Lingyinsi Temple

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