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Day 10 (24.03.2006)

In the morning we drove to the Six Harmonies Pagoda. It was built in 970. The timber cladding of this pagoda was renewed several times, but the brick core is from the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279). This pagoda is 60 m high and has got 13 floors. We walked through the nice temple behind the pagoda. The temple is partly nature-leave and partly it is arranged like a Chinese garden. One can find here ponds, pavilions and different figures. There is also a big bell which can be striked. We had not got enough time to see the whole temple. After that we drove to the airport and we flew with a Boeing 737 to Guilin. The flight took about 2 hours.

Six Harmonies Pagoda
The Six Harmonies Pagoda

Here we really saw South China. For the first time in my life I saw rice fields. It was interesting for me, because I like to eat rice. When I saw the first karst mountains I was fascinated. Since years I dreamed to see these karst sceneries in Guilin. We drove to the hotel and then to the Elephant Trunk Hill. The Elephant Trunk Hill is also a karst mountain and it is the landmark of Guilin. On the river, at the Elephant Trunk Hill, there were several bamboo floats which are typical for South China and Southeast Asia. Palms also grow in this subtropical climate. The couple and our tour guide took a walk and I climbed the Elephant Trunk Hill. On the Elephant Trunk Hill there is a small brick pagoda. For me it was a great experience to see the Elephant Trunk Hill with its vegetation. The view from the top of the Elephant Trunk Hill is breathtaking. One have got a view over Guilin and one can see how some karst mountains are integrated in the city. After that we drove to the Reed Flute Cave. It is situated outside Guilin and the karst sceneries in this rural territory are even more impressive than in the city. The Reed Flute Cave is about 400 m long. It is a dripstone cave with many stalactites and stalagmites. After that we drove to the hotel and I walked a little bit through Guilin. In the evening we ate supper in the hotel restaurant.

Elephant Trunk Hill
The Elephant Trunk Hill

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