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Day 11 (25.03.2006)

In the morning we drove to the Li River to make a ship tour to Yangshuo. Yangshuo is situated about 60 km south of Guilin. At the beginning of the day it rained, but when the ship tour started the rain stopped. It rains very often in Guilin. On this day the karst sceneries were partly covered in fog and this view was very interesting. At the beginning of the ship tour I went to the open upper deck and I had a wonderful view. In front and behind of us there were also other ships with tourists. During the ship tour Chinese traders came with bamboo floats and they docked the tourist ships to sell theirs goods. The docking maneuver looked complicated, because the traders had to be close enough to the ships and on the other hand they had to take care not to be crossed by the ships.

The Li River between Guilin and Yangshuo is quite narrow. One can see both bank sides. On the banks there are many trees and other plants which are typical for this subtropical climate. Sometimes on the banks one can see houses and people who live there. Many houses are built of wood and it was an interesting and rare view for me. Sometimes on the banks there are fields and on the fields there are often water buffalos. The beautiful karst sceneries are everywhere. I stayed the whole time on the upper deck. At about 12 o'clock there was lunch on the ship and all tourists except me ate lunch. For 45 minutes I had got the upper deck for me alone. Every karst mountain looks different and it was fascinating for me to see these karst sceneries. At about 13 o'clock we arrived in Yangshuo. In Yangshuo there are many karst mountains and so Yangshuo looks very nice. At the dock in Yangshuo there is a small Chinese pavilion and a gate. In Yangshuo our driver waited for us with the van and we drove back to the hotel in Guilin. Later we drove to a salt water pearls factory. After that we drove back to the hotel and I walked a little bit through Guilin. In the evening we ate supper in the hotel restaurant.

Karst sceneries near Guilin
Karst sceneries near Guilin

Karst sceneries near Guilin
Karst sceneries near Guilin

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