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Day 13 (27.03.2006)

In the morning of this day we drove with a train from Canton to Hong Kong. The train trip took about 2 hours. From the railway station we were brought to the hotel. Our hotel was situated in the north of Kowloon. Later the couple and me drove with a bus to the south of Kowloon. With the Star Ferry we drove to Hong Kong Island. Because of the dense fog we could not see much of Hong Kong Island from the bank promenade in Kowloon. On Hong Kong Island we ate lunch. After that we walked through Hong Kong Island and we saw all these skyscrapers. The Bank of China looks very impressive. Then we went to the Wan Chai Market. After that we took the Star Ferry back to Kowloon and we walked to our hotel.

Bank of China
Bank of China

Wan Chai Market
Wan Chai Market

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