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Day 2 (08.02.2007)

Sometime I became bright outside and at 8.05 o'clock local time the airplane should land in Shanghai. 500 km before reaching Shanghai the pilot told us that it is so foggy in Shanghai that he has to turn back and to land in Beijing. The airplane was refueled in Beijing and 2 hours later we flew to Shanghai. It was a great feeling that I am alone in China for the first time and that I have to organize everything by myself. From the airport Shanghai-Pudong I took the Transrapid to the city. The Transrapid reaches a speed of 430 km/h. Then I took the subway to the city center. From here I went to my hotel on foot and I was too tired to do anything else today.

Transrapid in Shanghai
Transrapid in Shanghai

Transrapid in Shanghai
Transrapid in Shanghai

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