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Day 8 (14.02.2007)

Today I went to the Tiananmen Square. I passed by the Great Hall of the People and then I went further north to the Gate of Heavenly Peace. I went through it and then further to the Meridian Gate, the main entrance to the Forbidden City. The Ming Emperor Zhu Di (Yongle) let build the Forbidden City and in 1421 it was ready. With a surface of 720,000 m2 it is the biggest palace in the world. The walls of the buildings are red and the roofs are yellow. The yellow color of the roofing tiles is imperial yellow which was only for the emperor. The Forbidden City is very symmetrical. All important buildings in the Forbidden City are on a central north-south axis. Until 1911 the emperors of the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty reigned the Chinese Empire from the Forbidden City. In the first courtyard north to the Meridian Gate there is the Golden Water River and 5 bridges to cross it. Later I went further north to the Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Medium Harmony and the Hall of Preserving Harmony. These 3 halls are together on a stone platform and so they are situated higher than the other buildings in the Forbidden City. The Hall of Supreme Harmony is located in the center of the Forbidden City and it is the highest building. In this building there is the imperial Dragon Throne. North to the Hall of Preserving Harmony there is another courtyard and the Gate of Heavenly Purity. In front of the gate there are two nice gilded bronze lions. North to the Gate of Heavenly Purity there are the Inner Courts. I went to some courtyards which are located to the east and the west of the Inner Courts. The Forbidden City is huge and one can spend a whole day here. Afterwards I went back to my hotel.

Meridian Gate with Golden Water River
Meridian Gate with Golden Water River

gilded bronze lion
gilded bronze lion

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