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Day 12 (18.02.2007)

Yesterday it was a little bit late, but today I had the time to visit the Temple of Heaven. The Ming Emperor Zhu Di (builder of the Forbidden City) let build the Temple of Heaven in 1420. In the north of this temple there is the highest and most interesting building - the Hall of Annual Prayer. It is a 38 m high and circular building with a roof with three levels with dark blue glazed roof tiles. It was built in 1420 and it is the oldest building in the Temple of Heaven. I entered the Temple of Heaven through the North Gate and I went south to the Hall of Annual Prayer. In March 2006 I could not visit the Hall of Annual Prayer due to renovation, but this time it was opened. This building is very impressive. One can look inside the building, but cannot enter it. I spent much time at the Hall of Annual Prayer and some buildings around it and so I had not got the time to see more of the Temple of Heaven today. I went back to the university.

Hall of Annual Prayer
Hall of Annual Prayer

Hall of Annual Prayer (inside)
Hall of Annual Prayer (inside)

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