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Day 15 (21.02.2007)

This day I went to the Beijing Zoo. First I went to see the Giant Panda Bears, but here it does not look very spectacular and natural. If one really likes Panda Bears then it is worth to travel to the Chinese Province Sichuan (I had not been there before). A Panda Bear's coat is alternating between black and white and an adult Panda can weigh over 100 kg. The Giant Panda lives in the mountain forests of the provinces Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. It eats bamboo. It is very good adapted to cold and snow and it even lives on an altitude of 4000 m. Then I went to the Red Panda. The Red Panda looks very different. It is much smaller than the Giant Panda, it has got sharp ears, a long tail, a different face and it is reddish-brown. It lives in Tibet, in Yunnan, in Sichuan and in Nepal. These are all mountain countries and so it is good adapted to an altitude of even 4000 m. Later I went to see some ducks, swans, lions, tigers, elephants and other animals. Another aim for me today was the Wutasi (Five Pagoda Temple). A Chinese helped me to find the way through the narrow streets of the hutong. She was in Beijing for the first time and so we went to visit the Wutasi together. This temple was built in the 15th century. The main element in the temple is a Vajra Pagoda with 5 towers. In the temple there are also many old steles. We first visited the steles and then we went up the Vajra Pagoda. The parents of the Chinese were so kind to invite me to a near restaurant. Those situations are always very interesting, because one can practise Chinese and experience Chinese everyday life.

Red Panda
Red Panda

Vajra Pagoda
Vajra Pagoda

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