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Day 16 (22.02.2007)

My aim today was Badachu (Eight Great Sites) in the Western Hills. There are 8 Buddhist temples which were built since the 8th century. First I went to the Buddha's Tooth Pagoda. During the Boxer Uprising in 1900 the Allied troops destroyed the Liao Pagoda and inside a tooth was found which may be one of the teeth of Buddha. In 1959 the Buddha's Tooth Pagoda was built and the Tooth is kept inside. One can also see the ruin of the Liao Pagoda. Then I went to the Three-hill Nunnery. Afterwards I went to the Temple of Great Mercy. I went higher and higher. The next site I reached was the Dragon Spring Nunnery. The Temple of the Fragrant World is the oldest and largest temple in Badachu. Finally I went to the Cave of Precious Pearl, the highest place in Badachu. From here one has got a good view over Beijing. Then I went back. After five and a half hours I have seen much in Badachu, but not everything.

Buddha's Tooth Pagoda
Buddha's Tooth Pagoda

Temple of the Fragrant World
Temple of the Fragrant World

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