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Day 27 (05.03.2007)

Today I went to the Dazhongsi (Big Bell Temple). Today this temple is a museum for Chinese bells from different dynasties, but the main treasure is the Yongle Bell. Before going to see this bell I went to other buldings to read something about the history of this temple. I was interested in the bells and so an employee of the museum played Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" (from Beethoven's Symphony No. 9), a Chinese melody and "Jingle Bells" on a bell collection for me. Then I went to the Yongle Bell. This bell was casted during the period of Emperor Zhudi (Yongle), that means between 1403 and 1424. It weighs 46.5 t, it is 6.75 m high and it has got a diameter of 3.30 m. It belongs to the largest bells in the world. Until today this bell is hanging and it works. On the bell there are Buddhist writings - altogether 230,000 Chinese characters. It is definitely a sight in Beijing that one should not miss. One can go upstairs and see the bell and its mighty suspension from above. The whole suspension consists of mighty tree stems. The view is fascinating and it is a real rarity. After spending enough time at this fascinating bell, I went to see some other bells. Afterwards I finished my sightseeing for today.

The hall which contains the Yongle Bell
The hall which contains the Yongle Bell

Yongle Bell
Yongle Bell

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