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Day 52 (30.03.2007)

Today I went to the Tanzhesi (Temple of the Pool and the Wild Mulberry). This temple is loacted about 45 km west of Beijing and it took me very long to go there by public transportation. This temple was founded in the Western Jin Dynasty (265 - 316) and it belongs to the oldest Buddhist temples in China. Kublai Khan's daughter Miaoyan was a nun in the Tanzhesi. This temple lies in a mountainous scenery and looks beautiful. There are some places with nice views over the temple halls and the scenery. I like the Buddha statue in the Hall of the Great Hero. In one of the courtyards there are two Ginkgo trees and one of them is maybe over 1000 years old. I spent about 3 hours in the temple and tried to see as much as possible. Then I went back. On my way to the temple and on the way back I had the chance to talk to some Chinese and to improve my Chinese.

Buddha statue in the Hall of the Great Hero
Buddha statue in the Hall of the Great Hero

view over the roofs of the Tanzhesi
view over the roofs of the Tanzhesi

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