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Day 2 (09.05.2007)

My Chinese friend took me to the train station, because I wanted to go to Kashgar by train. It is also possible to fly, but I wanted to see more of the scenery. I had a soft sleeper and during the whole journey I was alone in the compartment. The journey should take 23 hours. The train first drives south, passing Turfan, then it drives west or southwest. From here on the train drives south of the Tian Shan (celestial mountains) at the northern edge of the Tarim Basin. In the Tian Shan one sees some mountains, but most of the area is a huge desert. For me it was very interesting, because I was never in a desert before. It is the northern edge of the Taklamakan Desert. During lunch in the dining car a Uyghur started talking to me, in very good English. We talked a little bit and he told me that he is a tour guide. I told him that I want to travel individual and he offered me to rent a driver and a car from his travel agency. I thought it is a good idea, because I wanted to travel for a few days through the mountain ranges Pamir, Kunlun Shan and Karakorum. In the evening I went to bed.

Tian Shan (celestial mountains)
Tian Shan (celestial mountains)

Tian Shan (celestial mountains)
Tian Shan (celestial mountains)

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