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Day 12 (19.05.2007)

Today we went from Yarkand to Hotan - about 300 km. The driver took me to a carpet factory and afterwards to a silk factory. It was very interesting to see how a carpet is being weaved, because even huge carpets are handmade here. The production of silk I only saw on television before and here I saw it for the first time in reality. My main aim in Hotan was to see how jade is being mined, because I am a mineral collector. Since over 2000 years a large part of the Chinese jade comes from Hotan and it is of very good quality. Today people try to find jade here with excavators. Hotan Jade is often white. I have only bought a small and inexpensive piece of raw Hotan Jade. Afterwards the driver and me had dinner and later the day was over.

in search of Hotan Jade
in search of Hotan Jade

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