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Day 10 (16.09.2007)

With a Chinese family, with which I am friendly, we went to the Thirteen Ming Tombs. In March 2006 I have already visited the Ding Ling Tomb of Emperor Wanli and so we visited the Chang Ling Tomb of Emperor Zhu Di (Yongle). Zhu Di (builder of the Forbidden City) let build the Thirteen Ming Tombs. They are located north of Beijing. All, except three, emperors of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) are buried here. We admired the different buildings which belong to the Chang Ling Tomb. The Hall of Mercy is very large and interesting. The roof of this hall is being carried by 32 columns made of Nanmu Wood. After visiting the Chang Ling Tomb we went back to Beijing.

Hall of Mercy in the Chang Ling Tomb
Hall of Mercy in the Chang Ling Tomb

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