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Day 16 (22.09.2007)

Today I went to the subway station Yonghegong (Lama Temple) by subway and from here I walked to the Park of the Temple of Earth. The Altar of Earth was built in 1530, during the Ming Dynasty in the 9th year of the era of Emperor Jiajing (period of government: 1522 - 1566). On the Altar of Earth the emperor made sacrifices to the Earth. I visited the Altar of Earth and the other halls in the park. Afterwards I left the Park of the Temple of Earth and I went to the Drum Tower. I went up the Drum Tower and I saw the drums. After a certain while there was a presentation and a few persons drummed on the large drums. From the top I had a good view of the Bell Tower. Later I went back to university.

drums in the Drum Tower
drums in the Drum Tower

The Bell Tower
The Bell Tower

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