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Day 7 (27.11.2007)

Today I drove to the Stone Forest. It is located about 90 km southeast of Kunming. On the way the bus stopped at a temple and one had got the time to visit it. The Stone Forest is not a petrified forest, but the bizarre karst rocks look like a forest. The Stone Forest originated about 270 millions years ago. In former times there was an ocean. When the ocean disappeared, karst was removed by the rain and these bizarre karst rocks originated. Some karst rocks are even 30 m high. It is very fascinating to walk through this forest of karst rocks. Sometimes between the karst rocks there is little space to go through. In the end I went to the viewing pavilion and from here one has got an overview over the Stone Forest. Later I went back to Kunming.

The Stone Forest
The Stone Forest

The Stone Forest
The Stone Forest

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