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Day 6 (09.12.2007)

Today I went on sightseeing in Datong. I visited the Drum Tower and then I went to the Nine Dragon Screen. The Nine Dragon Screen is a magnificent wall, which is 45 m long, 8 m high and 2 m thick and nine dragons are shown on it. Afterwards I went to the Huayansi (a Buddhist temple). Normally Chinese palaces, temples and other buildings have got a north-south-direction. The Huayansi was built in the 11th century and at that time Datong belonged to the territory of the Khitan (a nomad people, who possessed a large empire in East and Central Asia between 907 and 1125 and was also known as the Liao Dynasty) and so the Huayansi has got an east-west-direction, what corresponds with the culture and the tradition of the Khitan. First I visited the Lower Huayansi. Works of art from the Northern Wei Dynasty (386 - 534) and the Liao Dynasty (907 - 1125) are exhibited here. Then I went to the Upper Huayansi. In the Upper Huayansi there is the Hall of the Great Hero, which is very large. Afterwards I walked a little bit through Datong and in the evening I went back to the hotel.

The Nine Dragon Screen
The Nine Dragon Screen

The Upper Huayansi
The Upper Huayansi

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