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Day 12 (15.12.2007)

During the Northern Song Dynasty (960 - 1127) Kaifeng was the capital of China. First I visited the city wall of Kaifeng, which is preserved until today. Later I visited the Daxiangguo Temple, which was built in 555. Afterwards I went to the Dragon Pavilion Park. The long bridge in this park leads to the Dragon Pavilion and left and right of the bridge there is each one lake. On the way to the Dragon Pavilion I saw a model of the imperial palace of Kaifeng during the Northern Song Dynasty. From the Dragon Pavilion one has got a view of the park and of Kaifeng. In the evening I walked a little bit through Kaifeng.

The Daxiangguo Temple
The Daxiangguo Temple

The Dragon Pavilion
The Dragon Pavilion

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