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Day 17 (20.12.2007)

For this day I joined a small group and we went to the city of Qufu. Qufu is located about 120 km (as the crow flies) south of Jinan. On the way to Qufu and back to Jinan we passed by the mountain Tai Shan, which is very important for the Chinese Culture. Qufu is so famous, because Confucius was born there. Confucius lived from 551 BC to 479 BC and he is considered to be one of the most imporant Chinese philosophers. The Confucianism is an extensive theory, which contains ethical, moral, social, philosophical and political aspects. Almost during the entire history of China Confucianism played a dominant role as the state ideology. First we visited the Confucius Temple. It is the largest Confucius Temple in the world. We entered it through the Lingxing Gate and we followed the north-south axis of the temple from the south to the north. In the temple it is very quiet and so everywhere one can relax and meditate very well. Finally we came to the largest building in the Confucius Temple, the Great Perfection Hall. Afterwards we left the Confucius Temple and we visited the Kong Family Mansion (descendants of Confucius). North of Qufu there is the Tomb of Confucius, in the Confucius Forest. On this day the Confucius Forest was closed and so we could not visit it. Then we went back to Jinan. On the next day (21.12.2007) I went back to Beijing by train. On the 30.12.2007, over Helsinki, I flew back to Berlin.

A bridge in the Confucius Temple
A bridge in the Confucius Temple

The Great Perfection Hall in the Confucius Temple
The Great Perfection Hall in the Confucius Temple

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