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Chinese Philosophy

When we think about Eastasian philosophy then we think about meditation and relaxing. This philosophy is not only in China, but in general in Eastasia. To describe this all would be to much for this website and so it should be another website. Here I will describe the most famous Chinese philosophs Laozi and Confucius. Not all information about them are sure. I will quote some and their wisdoms and also Chinese wisdoms of unknown philosophs.


Laozi lived in the 4th century BC in the Zhou dynasty (about 1050 BC - 221 BC). He was the founder of the taoism. His most important book was the tao te king. It is a collection of wisdoms. Until today there are many followers of the Taosim in China. Here are some wisdoms of Laozi.

Even the longest journey begins with the first step.

Desiring nothing leads to inner harmony.

Who knows others is wise, Who knows himself is enlightend
Who defeats others is strong, Who defeats himself is a hero
Who has got enough is rich, Who wants mildness his will happens
Who does not leave his place careless will find his place anywhere
Who do not let kill himself by the death lives forever.

The wise man do not call, but nevertheless he is found.

Who collects many treasures can lose much.


Confucius lived from 551 BC till 479 BC in the time of the Zhou dynasty. Confucius developed a state theory which was based on morally values. Until today there are many followers the Confucianism in China. Here are some wisdoms of Confucius.

Man has got three ways to act intelligent
Firstly through thinking, this is the noblest
Secondly though copying, this is the easiest
and Thirdly though experience, this is the bitterest.

Who cares for the Old and knows the New,
can be a teacher.

Learn, you never learn to much,
be afraid you can forget.

Wisdoms of unknown philosophs

Who cannot forgive others their differences is far away from the way to wisdom.

Do not be afraid of moving forward slowly, only be afraid to stop.

100 years are not enough to build up,
to destroy one day is to much.

Even if you have got 1000 fields, you can only eat one dish rice a day
even if your house has got 1000 rooms, you need only eight feet in the night.

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