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Animal world of China

China has got a very great animla world. The most famous and most typical for China is the giant panda and the danger is that it can die out. Its coat alternating between black and white and an adult panda can weigh over 100 kg. It lives in the mountains forests of the provinces Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu. It eats bamboo. It is very good adapted to cold and snow and it lives until 4000 m height. It is a loner. The Panda belongs to the family of the bears. Beside the giant Panda there is also the red panda which looks very different. It is much smaller than the giant panda, it has got sharp ears, a long tail, a different face and it is reddish-brown. It lives in Tibet, in Yunnan, in Sichuan and in Nepal. These are all mountains countries and so it is good adapted to heights up to 4000 m. In Yunnan there live Asian elephants. They have got smaller ears than African elephants and in general they are smaller and they reach a weight of 4 tons. Outside China they live in India, in Ceylon and in Southeast Asia. Tigers also live in China. They also live in India and Southeast Asia and in Russia there live Siberian tigers. In Mandchuria there lieve leopards. Leopards live in many regions of Asia and Africa. Another interesting animal is the snow leopard. In China it lives in the Tian Shan mountain and in the Himalaya (Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, India). It also lives in Russia and Mongolia and in other mountains of Central Asia in the countries Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It lives up to 6000 m and it has got a very thick and close coat, much thicker than normal leopards. The coat is much brighter than of normal leopards and so it is a good camouflage. The leopard, the snow leopard and the tiger belong to the familiy of the large cats. One of the most important utilizable animals in Tibet and in the whole Himalaya is the yak. It is a cow and it can weigh up to 800 kg. Yaks are used as transport animals, but their milk, their coat and their meat are also very important for the Tibetans. Until today there are giant salamanders in China and Japan. With a length of 1.5 m they belong to the largest amphibians in the world. In the area around the Chang Jiang from Wuhan to the delta there live China-alligators. In the deserts and the steppes of China there live wild horses. There are a few thousand kind of birds in China.

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