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Airbus A340-600

Airbus A340-600

The series A340 began with A340-200. With a length of only 59.39 m it was much shorter than the A340-600. The A340-300 was 63,60 m long and the A340-500 was 67.90 m long. With this data we can see the difference between the A340 models. The A340-600 is even nearly 5 m longer than the Boeing 747-400. Only the transport aircraft Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is 24 cm longer than the A340-600. With its extents and it s takeoff wight the A340-600 belongs to the biggest airplanes in the world. Its first flight was in the year 2001 and so it is a modern airplane. From the beginning on the series A340 was a long-range aircraft and every model has got four engines.

Technical data about the Airbus A340-600
Crew 11 to 14 men
Length 75.30 m
Span 63.45 m
Height 17.3 m
Engines four RR Trent 556
Passengers 380
Maximum speed 1,000 km/h
Maximum takeoff weight 365,000 kg
Range 14,500 km

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