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Airbus A380

Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger airplane in the world. In 2005 the A380 did its maiden flight. The A380 has got two continuous floors. Before the A380 the Boeing 747-400 (Jumbo Jet) was the biggest passenger airplane in the world. The A380 is also bigger than the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy (length: 75.54 m; span: 67.88 m; maximum takeoff weight: 380 t) and than the Antonov An-124 Ruslan (length: 69.50 m; span: 73.30 m; maximum takeoff weight: 405 t). Only the Antonov An-225 Mrija is bigger than the A380. The An-225 is 84 m long, it has got a span of 88.4 m and a maximum takeoff weight of 600 t. An A380 with three classes has got space for 555 passengers. With one class the space would be enough for 853 passengers. The A380 should offer passengers more space and more comfort than other passenger airplanes. Under the name A380F, the A380 will be also offered as a transport airplane with a maximum takeoff weight of 590 t.

Technical data about the Airbus A380
Crew 24 men
Length 73.0 m
Span 79.8 m
Height 24.1 m
Engines four Rolls Royce Trent 900 each with 311 kN thrust
Passengers 555
Maximum speed 1,050 km/h
Maximum takeoff weight 560,000 kg
Range 15,000 km

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