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Beriev Be-200

Beriev Be-200

The Beriev Be-200 is a Russian amphibious aircraft. In 1998 the Be-200 did its maiden flight. This airplane can start and land from land and from water. The Be-200 can be used for fire extinguishing, for rescue, for passengers, for transports and for sea-monitoring. For fire extinguishing the Be-200 can take up to 12 tons of water from waters during the flight. Depending on the operational area the Be-200 can have different equipments. In Russia the Be-200 is used for disaster control. Under both wings the Be-200 has got one float for stabilization in water. Both engines of the Be-200 are over the wings.

Technical data about the Beriev Be-200
Crew 2 men
Length 32.05 m
Span 32.78 m
Height 8.90 m
Engines two Progress D-436TP turbofans each with 74 kN thrust
Passengers 72
Maximum speed 710 km/h
Maximum takeoff weight
-from land
-from water

41,000 kg
43,000 kg
Range 1,700 km

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