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Boeing F-18 Hornet

Boeing F-18 Hornet

The F-18 is made from the F-17 Cobra, which has lose the competition of the USAF (look at F-16 Fighting Falcon). The producer Northrop did not want surrender, because the F-17 Cobra was not much worse than the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Northrop worked together with McDonnell Douglas (today: Boeing) and they made from the F-17 Cobra the F-18 Hornet. In 1975 the US Navy chose the F-18 to the new storm and attack fighter. The F-18 made his first flight in 1988. The F-18 is able to start and to land on aircraft carriers. It is a fighter with one seat which reachs 1.8 Mach. Today he is used in conflicts, because with aircraft carriers it is possible to go were close to the territory of the enemy, for example the bombardment of Iraq. These operations, which the USA have often done, would not be so easy with traditional ways, because than they would need near airports. An aircraft carrier can go very close to the coast and he stays in international waters and this is the reason why aircraft carriers are so good for operations like that. The F-18 was in the 2nd gulf war (1990-1991).

Technical data about the Boeing F-18 Hornet
Crew 1 to 2 men
Length 17.07 m
Span 11.43 m
Height 4.66 m
Engines two General Electric F404-GE-400 everyone with 7,258 kp trust
Weapons one M61 "Vulcan" cannon (caliber: 20 mm)
8,000 kg other weapons
Maximum speed 1,950 km/h (1.8 Mach)
Maximum takeoff start weight 22,328 kg
Range 1,480 km

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