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Bombardier Global Express

Bombardier Global Express

The Global Express belongs to the Business Jets. It is one of the biggest, fastest and most modern Business Jets in the world. The cabin is very luxurious and it is even 1.91 m high. It is equipped with nice leather armchairs and timber cladding and it has got much space. With a rang of 12,000 km it belongs to the long-range aircrafts. The Global Express is more expensive than smaller and less comfortable Business Jets. The Global Express did its first flight in the year 1996. The Global Express is produced by the Canadian airplane company Bombardier.

Technical data about the Bombardier Global Express
Crew 3 to 4 men
Length 30.30 m
Span 28.50 m
Height 7.62 m
Engines two BMW/Rolls-Royce BR 710-48-C2 everyone with 65.3 kN trust
Passengers 14
Maximum speed 950 km/h
Maximum takeoff weight 41,300 kg
Range 12,000 km

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