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Junkers Ju 52

Junkers Ju 52

The Junkers Ju 52 is a three-engined passenger and transport aircraft. In 1932 the Ju 52 did its maiden flight. The three-engined Ju 52/3m followed from the one-engined Ju 52/1m. Like the Junkers F13 the Ju 52 has got a corrugated iron skin. The landing gear of the Ju 52 is not retractable. The Ju 52 became a very important passenger aircraft. 4835 Ju 52 were built. Since 1932 the Lufthansa (a German airline) used the Ju 52 as a passenger airplane for flights between Berlin and other European cities. During the Second World War Germany used the Ju 52 as a military transport aircraft. There were also versions of the Ju 52 which were used as bombers and had got a machine gun. The Ju 52 was exported to many countries. The Ju 52 has got the nickname "Tante Ju" ("Auntie Ju").

Technical data about the Junkers Ju 52
Crew 3 men
Length 18.90 m
Span 29.20 m
Height 4.65 m
Engines three BMW 132T-2 each with 619 kW
Passengers 18
Maximum speed 290 km/h
Maximum takeoff weight 11,030 kg
Range 1,500 km

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