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Mil Mi-24 "Hind"

Mil Mi-24 Hind

The Mi-24 was built in 1972 and it is an antitank defense helicopters. It is a Russian product. Interessting is the whole front of this helicopter. So the pilot and the rifleman has got a good view. The Mi-24 can also transport 8 passengers. The Mi-24 has got an armoured cabin and also carriers for antitank missiles. It is a very important helicopter and it corresponds to the American AH-64 Apache. The export version is called Mil Mi-25. The NATO code for the Mi-24 is "Hind". The Mi-24 was in the war in Afghanistan in the 80's.

Technical data about the Mil Mi-24 "Hind"
Crew 2 men
Length without main rotor 16.9 m
Main rotor diameter 16.76 m
Height 3.83 m
Engines two Isotov-TV3-117 turbines everyone with 1,640 kp trust
Weapons one 23 mm twin cannon
57 mm rockets
Maximum speed 322 km/h
Maximum takeoff weight 10,940 kg
Range 225 km

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