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Mil Mi-8 "Hip"

Mil Mi-8 Hip

The Mil Mi-8 is a transport and attack helicopter. In 1961 the Mi-8 did its maiden flight. It should replace the Mil Mi-4. The Mi-8 can carry 28 passengers or 5 t freight. The Mi-8 has got a main rotor with five blades. The further developed version of the Mi-8 is the Mi-17. The anti-submarine helicopter Mil Mi-14 "Haze" was also developed from the Mi-8. Over 10,000 Mi-8 helicopters were built. It belonged to the most important helicopters of the Soviet Union. The Mi-8 was exported to over 50 countries and used for civil and for military purposes.

Technical data about the Mil Mi-8 "Hip"
Crew 2 to 3 men
Length without main rotor 18.42 m
Main rotor diameter 21.29 m
Height 5.65 m
Engines two Isotov TV3-117MT turbines each with 1,420 kW
Weapons two machine guns
guided missiles
Maximum speed 270 km/h
Maximum takeoff weight 12,000 kg
Range 500 km

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