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Eurocopter Tiger

Eurocopter Tiger

Germany and France build the Eurocopter Tiger together. It is an attack helicopter which can be used against tanks and for ground support. In the 1980's Germany and France needed a modern attack helicopter and so they developed the Tiger. In 1991 the Tiger did its maiden flight. Beside the Eurocopter Tiger the company Eurocopter builds many other civil and military helicopters. The Tiger can fly under every weather condition and during the day and at night. It is protected against electromagnetic impulses. It can be also used in areas which are nuclear, biological and chemical contaminated. It is using stealth technology and so it is difficult to locate. Beside the 30 mm machine cannon it can carry 8 air-to-surface anti-tank guided missiles or 4 air-to-air guided missiles.

Technical data about the Eurocopter Tiger
Crew 2 men
Length without main rotor 14.10 m
Main rotor diameter 13.00 m
Height 5.20 m
Engines two Rolls-Royce MTR 390 each with 1,027 kW
Weapons one 30 mm machine cannon
guided missiles
Maximum speed 320 km/h
Maximum takeoff weight 5,800 kg
Range 800 km

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