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Panavia Tornado

Panavia Tornado

In the 60's Germany, Great Britain and Italy planned the development of a new combat aircraft. A federation called Panavia was formed which produced the airplane. This federation consists of airplane companies from the countries mentioned on the top. The first fight of the Tornado was in the year 1974. This airplane is not only a fighter, but it can be used for different purposes. With a takeoff weight of 27 t the Tornado belongs to the heavy combat aircrafts. Except Germany, Great Britain and Italy also Saudi Arabia uses the Tornado. Despite the Eurofighter the Tornado will still fly many years. The Tornado has got tiltable wings. For every speed the wings can be optimal adjusted.

Technical data about the Panavia Tornado
Crew 2 men
Length 18.10 m
-not spreaded

13.91 m
8.60 m
Height 5.95 m
Engines two Turbo-Union RB 119-34 R Mk 103 everyone with 7.620 kp trust
Weapons two Mauser BK 27 cannons (caliber: 27 mm)
9,000 kg other weapons
Maximum speed 2,350 km/h (2.2 Mach)
Maximum takeoff weight 27,200 kg
Range 2,700 km

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