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My name is Lukas Czarnecki and I was born on December 9, 1983. I live in Berlin. In my course of studies and also privately I specialized in the history of Ancient China. Since childhood I am very interested in China and East Asia and especially in its history, in its culture, in its art and in its philosophy. Beyond that I have further interests: mineralogy, history, geography, physics, chemistry, philosophy, airplanes. I like to work and play video games on my PC and I do many daily tasks with my PC. For me programming is interesting, too. I like to read books. Most of the books I read are specialized books, but as entertainment I also read novels (mainly thrillers). I like “The Godfather” and “The Lord of the Rings” as books and the movies, too. Books of Peter Scholl-Latour are very interesting and informative within the scope of world politics and I have read more than 20 of them. I love to travel, because I am very interested in foreign countries, cultures and objects of interest. Another entertainment for me is to play video games and to watch movies. My favorite video game is “Deus Ex” and my favorite movies are “The Godfather” (all parts) and “Star Wars” (all parts). On my philosophy homepage you can read that I support gene research and all steps to lengthen human life into infinity. As a scientific person I am cosmopolitically of course and I wish liberal and wise politics on the whole world. These politics should agree to every person individually and not only to the big mass. It should promote education, knowledge and science and not only economy and capitalism. I could write much more about it, but then it would become a philosophically ideological text.


I develop this website by myself. So an does not exist. I develop this homepage since October 28, 1999. At the beginning it was only a short page about nuclear physics. The URL was and the page had little visitors. Then I developed more topics. The URL exists since 2001. The word hpwt stands for “Homepage wissenschaftlicher Themen”. This is German and means “Homepage of scientific topics”. Later I integrated the topic sea-battles into the website about the Second World War. I also update topics which already exist. It was an important step to translate the homepage into English to get international visitors. The visitors became more and more. Now the daily average is over 2000 visitors from over 100 different countries. I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Java and so I did not use a WYSIWYG editor, but I wrote the source code by myself. I like to build up my homepage and so I will go on with it. At home, on excursions and on journeys I always try to get new information and new pictures for my homepage. Sometimes I have to drive and/or to fly a few thousand kilometers.

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