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Quiz about nuclear physics

If you want test your knowledge in nuclear physics here you have got the best possibility.

1.) What is the difference between Radium-226 and Radium-228?
the proton number
the electron number
the neuton number
the number of protons and neutrons

2.) What happens during the alpha decay?
a helium core is emitted
an electron is emitted
a neutron is emitted
a proton is emitted

3.) From which radiation it is most difficult to protect oneself?
Beta minus radiation
Gamma radiation
Beta plus radiation
Alpha radiation

4.) Where are the electrons?
in the nucleus
on the atomic shell
between the nucleus and the atomic shell
out of the atomic shells

5.) Throught what can we make a nuclear fission?
throught electron
throught protons
throught fast neutrons
throught thermical neutrons

6.) Which both elements are good for nuclear fission?
Thorium and Uranium
Plutonium and Uranium
Plutonium and Radium
Thorium and Radium

7.) What is the difference between a hydrogen bomb and an atomic bomb?
less energy is emitted
the strength is lower
there is a fusion
there is less radioactive waste

8.) How high is the temperature in an explosion of a hydrogen bomb?
20 to 30 billiard degrees
200 to 300 million degrees
20.000 to 30.000 degrees
2.000 to 3.000 degrees

9.) Throught what can we control the number of neutrons in a nuclear power plant?
throught control rods
throught the moderator
throught wasser
throught turbine

10.) What is the activity?
half life
radiation per time
energy per time
decays per time

11.) Why are atoms neutral?
because the electron number and the proton number are the samen
because of the neutrons
because of the protons
because of the electrons

12.) What are photons?
light quants

13.) What happens in a nuclear fusion?
light nucleus are formed
antimatter orgins
nucleuses fuses
neutrinos orgin

14.) What are nucleons?
protons and neutrons

15.) From which nucleon number all isotops are radioactive?

You have reached of 15 points.

Author and Webmaster: Lukas Czarnecki

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