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The aquamarin is a beryl and the chemical formula is Al2Be3[Si6O18]. The hardness is about 7.5 to 8 and the crystal system is hexagonal. It is blue, because of admixtures of iron. The aquamarine has got his name, because it looks like the color of the sea. Aquamarine can be found in the form of big hexagonal crystals. Many crystals are clear and transparent. In former times in Greece different things were made of aquamarine. Today also jewels are made of aquamarine. Aquamarine cames from Brazil, Russia (Ural) and Madagascar. In antiquity people thought that he has got positive and protecting effects.

Data about Aquamarine
Chemical formula Al2Be3[Si6O18]
Mineral class silicates
Crystal system hexagonal
Hardness 7.5 to 8
Density 2.6 g/cm3 to 2.8 g/cm3
Color blue
Line color white
Gloss glass gloss
Break shell
Fissileness none

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