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Lead glance

Lead glance

Lead glance has got the chemical formula PbS. Another name for this mineral is galena. It crystallizes in the cubical system. In nature it can be found in form of huge well grown crystals. Usually the crystals are cubes or octahedrons. Lead glance has got a lead-grey color and a metal gloss. It has got a hardness of only 2.5 and so it is very easy to scratch it. With a density of 7.2 g/cm3 to 7.6 g/cm3 it is a very heavy mineral. It is a very important lead mineral and since antiquity lead is made of it. Lead glance is aslo used for the production of lead glass. Today there are much applications for lead glance. Zinc blende (ZnS) and some silver minerals are often found together with lead glance and so silver can also be made of these mixed crystals. Lead glance can be found in the USA (Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas), in Australia, in Spain, in Mexico, in Germany and in many other countries.

Data about Lead glance
Chemical formula PbS
Mineral class sulfides
Crystal system cubical
Hardness 2.5
Density 7.2 g/cm3 to 7.6 g/cm3
Color lead-grey
Line color grey-black
Gloss metal gloss
Break shell
Fissileness perfectly

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