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Calcite has got the chemical formula CaCO3 and belongs to the group of the cabonates. The name cames from lime. Calcite exists in many forms. In this description I will above all write about Calcite crystals. Lime and marble have got the same chemical formula like Calcite. Calcite can be colorless, white and yellow. There are many good Calcite crystal which are nearly smoothly. These crystals transparent. Karst sceneries consist above all of limestone. There is an impressively karst scenery in Guilin in China. The stalactites and stalagmites in caves also consist of limestone. Calcite has got birefringence. When you look through a transparent Calcite crystal then you see everything double. In hydrochloric acid Calcite can be dissolved. Calcite crystals can be found in Germany, Great Britain, France, Island and in the USA.

Data about Calcite
Chemical formula CaCO3
Mineral class carbonates
Crystal system trigonal
Hardness 3
Density 2.7 g/cm3
Color colorless, white, yellow
Line color white
Gloss glass gloss
Break shell, inflexibly
Fissileness perfectly

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