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Chalcedony has got the chemical formula SiO2. Chalcedony is a crypto and micro crystalline modification of quartz. In comparison to quartz the crystals of a Chalcedony can only be seen under the microscope. Chalcedony contains the agates, jasper (red, yellow, green), carneol (brown-red), chrysoprase (green), heliotrope (green), flint (grey-white) and many more. Petrified wood and petrified fossils also belong to chalcedony. When we talk about Chalcedony in general then we mean a blue, white or grey mineral. The different colors are caused by other substances which are in the Chalcedony. Chalcedony is transparent and usually it can be found in form of tubers or clusters. Since antiquity until today art articles and utensils are made of Chalcedony. Jewels are also made of Chalcedony, because it is a beautiful mineral. Chalcedony can be found in Brazil, Uruguay, India and other countries.

Data about Chalcedony
Chemical formula SiO2
Mineral class oxides
Crystal system trigonal
Hardness 7
Density 2.6 g/cm3
Color blue, white, grey
Line color white
Gloss glass gloss
Break shell
Fissileness none

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