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The Citrine is a quartz. So it has got the chemical formula SiO2. The hardness is 7 and the crystal system is trigonal. The yellow color is caused by admixed iron connections like iron oxide and iron hydroxide. The name cames from lemon. Pure Citrines are very rare. Its crystals looks like the crystals of rock crystal. In the Antiquity in the Mediterranean area this stone was processed to decorations. Citrine can be easy made of Amthyst and Smoke quartz, if they are put into fire. 500 degrees are enough. Most of the Citrines are from Brazil, Madagascar and Russia (Ural). Sculptures are also made of Citrine.

Data about the Citrine
Chemical formula SiO2
Mineral class oxides
Crystal system trigonal
Hardness 7
Density 2.65 g/cm3
Color yellow
Line color white
Gloss glass gloss
Break shell
Fissileness none

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