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Fluorite Fluorite

Fluorite is a halide, because of the fluorine, which belongs to the halogeneouses. The chemical formula is CaF2. The crystal system is cubical. The hardness is 4. He grows in big crystal which have got the form of cubes. There are also fluorites with octahedral crystals but they much more rare. The green fluorite on the left photo has got octahedral crystals. Fluorite exists in many colors, for example green, violet and colorless. Another name for this mineral is fluor-spar. In some historical ages Fluorite belongs to the precious stones, but today there are not any jewels of Fluorite. Today figures and other things are made of fluorite. Fluorite is used to make hydrofluoric acid and colorless Fluorite is used for special lenses. Fluorite can be found in China (Hunan, Zhejiang), in North America, in Great Britain (Cumberland) and in Germany.

Data about the Fluorite
Chemical formula CaF2
Mineral class halides
Crystal system cubical
Hardness 4
Density 3 g/cm3 to 3.2 g/cm3
Color colorless, blue, yellow, green, rose, violet
Line color white
Gloss glass gloss
Break shell, inflexibly
Fissileness perfectly

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