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Gold American gold coin

Gold is 79th element in the "Periodic table of the elements". The chemical symbol is Au. It reacts only with little elements. This precious metal is desired since 5,000 years. 3,000 B. C. from this metal were made the Egyptian treasures. The coffin of Tutanchamum consists of gold. When we look back into history we can see that gold made people very often crazy. In the 15th century when the Spanish conquerers came to South America and the Incas told them that they have much gold, the Spanish conquerers killed thousends of Incas and they destroyed their houses and their shrines to get the gold. When they have caught the Inca king Atahualpa they wanted to fill his whole prison cell with. The Incas have done so, but the Spanish conquerers killed Atahualpa. The last Incas build Machu Piccu to hide. The Spanish conquerers have never discovered Machu Piccu. In 1848 thousends of people went to Colorado to search gold. During this gold rush Denver was built. In 1896 there was a gold rush in Canada near the rivers Yucon and Klondike and 1898 in Alaska. Today we make jewels, coins ans bars of gold, but for the industry and for the science gold is very important, too. Gold is a very soft metal and it is often mixed with other metals. This called alloy. Because of this reason the part of gold in an alloy is declared in carat or in thousendth parts. 24 carat are 999.9 thousendth part (fine gold or pure gold), 18 carat are 750 thousendth part, 14 carat are 585 thousendth part and 8 carat are 333.3 thousendth part. This declares are engraved in jewels. Good jewels consits of at least 14 carat and better jewels consists 18 carats, but the better jewels are softer. Cheap jewels consists of 8 carat and the rest of the alloy is silver and copper. In German jewels the declaration is in thousendth parts and in English jewels the declaration is in carat. Gold coins must consist of at least 90 per cent gold (900 thousendth part). Gold bars in the whole world consist of 999.9 thousendth part of gold. There are gold bars in different sizes: 1 g, 5 g, 20 g, 50 g, 100 g, 250 g, 500 g and 1000 g. We can find the daily gold course on the video text, in the internet or in the newspaper. The gold course is usual for one ounce. One ounce is 31.1035 g. In many countries a part of the money is covered throught gold. From the first half of the 19th century until the First World War the whole money of the USA and of European countries were covered throught gold. There are also white gold, green gold and grey gold. White gold is an alloy of gold and nickel or palladium, green gold consists of an alloy of gold and silver, which is called electrum and grey gold consists of an alloy of gold and iron. Gold is hauled in South Africa, in Russia and in the USA.

Data about Gold
Chemical formula Au
Mineral class elements
Crystal system cubical
Hardness 2.5 to 3
Density 14.5 g/cm3 to 19.3 g/cm3
Color gold-yellow
Line color gold-yellow
Gloss metal gloss
Break unevenly
Fissileness none

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