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Jade Dragen Jade Buddha
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Jade is a calcium magnesium iron silicate. The chemical formula is Ca2(Mg, Fe)5[(OH, F)|Si4O11]2. Here we can see that variations in this formula are possible. Iron and magnesium can be replaced throught each other and also the OH group and fluorine. This formula differs from the normal atomic bonds. Here we have got a complex linkage. Jade has got a hardness between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale. Nephrit ist resistant towards all acids. The crystal system is monoclinical. When we talk about Jade we talk about Nephrit and the chemical description was about Nephrit. There is also Jadeit. It is very similiar to Nephrit, but the chemical formula is NaAl[Si2O6]. Jadeit is even more expensive than Nephrit. Nephrit is a very nice green mineral and it can be transparent or not. Jadeit is also green, but it can be also white, grey and yellow. We can find Nephrit in China and New Zealand and Jadeit in Burma. China uses Nephrit for works of art since centuries. In Southeast Asia there are very much sculptures are other things made of Nephrit. A good example may be the "Emerald Buddha", which is in the Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok and he is the most important buddha in Thailand. Until today there is a production of buddhas, dragons and other things made of Nephrit. Those figures are because of the look of Nephrit very beautiful. Nephrit and Jadeit are very tough. Sculptures of Jadeit are made in China since the 18th century and of Nephrit since centuries. The pieces on the photos are made of Nephrit.

Data about Jade (Nephrit)
Chemical formula Ca2(Mg, Fe)5[(OH, F)|Si4O11]2
Mineral class silicates
Crystal system monoclinical
Hardness 6 to 6.5
Density 2.9 g/cm3 to 3.1 g/cm3
Color green
Line color white
Gloss glass gloss, fat gloss
Break fragment
Fissileness none

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