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Opal is a very unregular mineral. The chemical formula is SiO2 * nH2O, but the structure is far from the struture of Rock crystals and Amethysts. Opal has got much colors which change with the beam of light angles and so opal gleams. The reason for this effect is that opals contains water. When opal desiccates then this effect is away. Then it is good to put the opal for some time into water and then the effect returns. In antiquity this stone was very expensive and people thought that he has got positive effects. We can find much Opal in Australia and in Mexico. Until today Opal is used for jewels and he is expensive. Mostly Opal is slided roundly. In former times in Rome opal was very important.

Data about the Opal
Chemical formula SiO2 * nH2O
Mineral class oxides
Crystal system amorph
Hardness 5 to 6.5
Density 1.9 g/cm3 to 2.5 g/cm3
Color many colors
Line color white
Gloss fat gloss
Break shell
Fissileness none

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