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Torumaline is a complex silicate. Turmalin is in more colors available than any other mineral. Tourmaline grows in column crystals with strips around it. Many tourmalines has got many colors. Tourmaline can charged electrically through mechanically effect. So it can tighten dust and chad. Tourmalines are a whole mineral group. Some Tourmalines have got the quality of precious stones. Tourmaline is resitant towards acids. In Europe Tourmaline is known since the 18th century. The first Tourmalines came from Sri Lanka. Until today there are Torumalines. Tourmalines can also be found in Madagascar and Brazil.

Data about the Tourmaline
Chemical formula NaFe3Al6[(OH)4|(BO3)3|Si6O18]
Mineral class silicates
Crystal system trigonal
Hardness 7
Density 3 g/cm3
Color green, black, blue, brown
Line color white
Gloss glass gloss
Break fragment
Fissileness none

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